Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision; the ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.
— Andrew Carnegie

Dave Forbes | President, CFA, CFP®

 What a privilege it is for me to lead our team at Petra, a team that lives and breathes our core values every day.  And what a blessing to supply the dear people we serve, our clients, with solutions to help them achieve the outcomes in life they really want, both now and in the future.

The part of our core values that most resonates with me is the word excellence. For us at Petra, excellence means exceeding expectations.  We rely on each other at Petra and as we together pursue excellence, it makes for a stimulating environment. Working together to exceed our clients’ expectations gives us both opportunity and great joy each day.

I oversee the Investment Management team, actively monitoring our clients’ investment portfolios and working closely with the financial planning team to coordinate investment activity with our clients’ desired outcomes.

I am a blessed man to have the role I have at Petra, to be a part of our unique team and to have the privilege of serving our clients.  We have such hope for the future knowing that God will help us each step of the way. 

Jeff Gott | Chief Operating Officer, MBA

 I am thrilled to be part of the Petra team. I have been professionally engaged in financial services for 15 years; for the past nine years specifically advising high net worth families. Clients are the first priority at Petra and that is critically important to me. My desire is to see you achieve what matters most to you and to help you live the life you imagine.

I resonate with the concept of legacy and relationship. How do you want to be remembered by those who matter most? I believe that wealth is simply a tool, a means to an end. As a part of the Petra team, I seek to help move you along the continuum from alignment, to plan, to implementation as you pursue your unique legacy.

In addition to financial planning and overseeing the day-to-day operation of Petra, I am responsible for Marketing and Business Development. We absolutely want to exceed your expectations. When we do, please tell a friend or family member; if we do not, please contact me. We want you to be delighted.

I can be reached by phone at the office or by email at I look forward to serving you.


 In 1998 I started working with Petra as a Portfolio Administrator. Over the years, I discovered that my real interest was in Financial Planning. Helping clients turn their goals into a plan and seeing them achieve those goals is one of the greatest rewards of my career. I seek to listen and understand who you are, then clarify where you want to go. I want to hear your dreams and hopes and then work with you throughout the years to see them come to life. As a seasoned financial planner, I also enjoy my role as a mentor to the other members of the Financial Planning team. In my free time, my husband and I love entertaining, trying out new recipes, but most especially spending time with our grandchildren.  


Here at Petra, we have separate Investment Management and Financial Planning teams, but all our investment management work is done within the context of each client’s financial planning picture. This reliance on the entire team at Petra allows us to deliver a level of service that is excellent and shows our clients their value as members of the Petra family. No one service is performed in a vacuum and it is this comprehensive view of each client’s financial picture that enables wise choices in planning, investments, and areas beyond finances. I am a part of the Investment Management team, and one of the first things we will work on together is your Investment Policy Statement. This helps Petra understand your position on investing and serves as a guideline for managing your accounts.  After your accounts are set up, I work closely with Dave on the execution of investment decisions. I am available by phone at the office or email at I am a sports fan, and love both viewing and participating in sports ranging from golf to football and everything in between. I also enjoy any good book, and in the evenings or on weekends, my wife and I like to take time exploring Colorado Springs restaurants or taking our dog to the park. 

Crystal Karstens | Paraplanner

During my first eleven years with Petra, I mainly worked in the background on the Investment Management team while also serving as paraplanner on the Financial Planning team. Over time, I decided to shift my focus to interact more directly with clients through financial planning. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge base and develop more flexibility in my role at Petra. One of my favorite things about my job is the opportunity to serve our clients. At Petra, we strive to go above and beyond your expectations to ensure that we are serving you in a meaningful way. For us, it is not about completing tasks, but adding value to our clients' lives. I am in the office Monday- Thursday where you can reach me by phone or email at On Fridays, I am at home chasing my toddler around. My husband and I love raising our son in the beautiful state of Colorado and taking advantage of all the sunny days we have here.

Hope Radliff | Client Services Administrator

As part of the Petra team, my role entails helping facilitate a thriving relationship between you and Petra.  In getting to know our clients personally, I have the privilege of seeing how each person’s life is unique but also how it is so similar to the rest of us.  Those observations help Petra offer a more resourceful and proactive service for our clients.  Therefore, with every account transfer, account application, or preparing for the next client visit, I strive to work closely with you toward the end result of ensuring everything is in place so that the other members of the Petra team can serve you more effectively.  I’m here to learn how you prefer things, whether it’s by phone or email, electronic or hard copy.  Any time you wish to contact me, I’m available by phone or email at  On weekends, my husband and I love to hike; therefore, I’m always looking for a new trail to explore.  When we are not hiking, my husband and I will explore beautiful Colorado’s back roads on our motorcycle exploring old logging train routes or taking in spectacular views from some of the best scenic highways.

Jasmine Morrish | Portfolio Administrator & Office Administrator

As part of the Petra team, I work on the operational level, helping maintain the organizational procedures of the office, as well as handling various projects that are an integral part of the larger purposes and goals of Petra.  As the Portfolio Administrator, I will specifically follow your account activity on a detailed level and prepare reports that will be sent to you each quarter. I also assist the Financial Planning team, providing risk management reviews for clients. I love the opportunity to serve and truly delight in hearing from our clients. If you have any questions, please know that I am available by phone or email at jasmine@petrafinancial.comIn my free time, I like listening to music, singing, reading, writing, and practicing yoga. My husband and I also very much enjoy going out to dance together.