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Alignment Conversation: "Where do you want to be tomorrow?"

During our Alignment Conversation, we seek to define and clarify the outcomes you desire, looking to answer the question, “Where do you want to be tomorrow?”   At the end of this conversation, we determine together if there is a good fit between Petra’s services and your desired outcomes.  

Below we describe how the Petra’s Proven Process looks for Year One. However, each person has different circumstances and priorities, and the scope of our work is tailored to the uniqueness of each client.  In Year One, we will work through each area of Petra’s Proven Process with you. Your individual circumstances may dictate the order in which we will cover the different areas, but each area will be addressed during your first 12 months with us.

Planning Phase 1: "Where are you today?"

Current Financial Position:  “Where are you today?”  To answer that very question in detail, we develop your balance sheet, cash flow and investment risk assessment reports.  From these reports, we identify opportunities to help you reach your goals as well as dangers to keep you from them.   This is the point of departure toward achieving your desired outcomes.  

Opportunities & Dangers:  We look at your current picture and identify opportunities to capture, as well as dangers to avoid.  We also include our recommendations for each. The implementation of these recommendations will begin in Phase Two.  

Planning Phase 2: "What are you willing to do to get from here to there?"

Implementation:  We review each of our recommendations from Stage One with you and implement each based on your agreement. This answers the question, “What are you willing to do to get from here to there?”  Our job is to do the heavy lifting.  We keep the map and make sure tasks get completed, progress is tracked, and everyone stays up to date.  

Going Deeper:  In Stage One, we sought to pinpoint where you are today, focusing on your current financial holdings and current cash flows.  In Stage Two, we delve deeper into the other areas of your current picture, again looking for opportunities and dangers.  

  • Risk Tolerance Assessment and Risk Management Review
  • Income Tax Review
  • Estate Planning Review
  • Building Your Team

Lasting Relationship: "How do you know you are still on the right path?"

Ongoing Communication:  At the end of Year-One, we want to hear from you. Has this year met your expectations? How can we improve or better meet your needs? Are any items still outstanding? How can better outcomes be achieved?  We will contact you for your feedback.  

We are committed to building lifelong relationships and relationships do not happen without consistent, open communication. We want to know what is happening in your life.  What has you excited or worried?  Where can we help and what can we take off your plate?  Our relationship with you will be tailored to your preferences to ensure you feel the most secure and confident as life circumstances and events arise.

Reporting & Reviews:  Our process is not a one-time event.  We ask our Alignment Conversation questions many times over your lifetime.  Your answers will change.  Laws change, new opportunities arise and new dangers present themselves.  We review everything on a regular basis built with these changes in mind and centered on your needs.  

Transition Planning:  As life goes on, change is inevitable.  Some of these changes are expected and can be planned for; others come at us unexpectedly.  We build our scheduled reviews around the changes that can be foreseen, such as retirement, business succession, or Medicare and Social Security. Throughout our ongoing communication and annual reviews, we watch for the unexpected and fine-tune your route as needed, while progressing toward your goals.